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Videos have become a huge part of our daily lives. Every day on social networks we see and share millions of videos. They have become proven best way to seal important for us moments, holidays and events that leave a lasting mark on our lives. But videos are not only for personal use and collection of memories. This format is used with great success to convey the message and information that reaches different audiences. When it comes to a business matter, professionalism in the video shooting is of utmost importance. Entirely professional approach and innovative ideas to the producers and the writers, and the entire team that worked on the production depends on the success of the video or movie. The team of Flame cold is specialized in offering a complete package of services for creation of professional video. Our team of professionals will consult and work out for you the most appropriate for your business – video film, commercial clip, representative PR film, music video, reportage video film, corporate video, educational video … will respond fully to the needs of your business and will produce a unique video project.



Videos offer endless possibilities for presenting a unique way of stories, the audience can be targeted or unlimited, and dissemination is a breeze – video can be broadcast on television (if it is advertising, music video, paid reportage, documentary film, etc.) and can be spread in the online space through video distribution channels and social networks.

The work on each film does not depend on templates, although the processes of production are similar. The more original is a video more interesting and preferred to watch it is.

What is a video production? When asking this question, in your head starts to spin all sorts of things – preparation of a script, actors, makeup, direction, location, special effects, editing, sound, lighting, cameras and whatnot. It sounds somehow confusing, so the easiest and most correct way to achieve good results is to leave his video professionals Flame studio.

We will give you the opportunity to send your unique video message to the desired audience. Tell us your idea and we will present it in the context of your successes and achievements, thus arouse the attention of interested parties. User attention stays with a demonstration of exquisite taste, and more reliable information about you and your business is a sure guarantee for the growth of interest in the activities of the company you represent.

Our teams are extremely creative and work with the highest quality equipment and software. Whether you decide to record video outdoors in nature or in the studio – we will provide you with everything you need to prepare itself shooting, assembly and final processing of the video.



To start a video production project and to offer you best need detailed information on how you envision the final product as the budget you have set for this production.So we will ask you many questions about what you want to promote (your product), the way you imagine video product and the audience you want to reach. It is also important to receive guidance and an original storyboard. After you specify all the details, we can start the actual process of video production.


The next stage is to develop the script according to the client needs, the type of video and the message that aims to leave. The creation of the scenario is not just the writing of words to create a story. It creates a story that needs to be recreated, letting importance of the message that carries the output or product must be presented. At this stage of pre-production process determines the length of the video. The script is in full compliance with the intended length to convey the required message in the most effective way.


Before we start working on the actual recording we prepare a detailed plan of the shooting process, we determine the team, which we will need, as well as the methodology of work and equipment. The actual production process is video acquisition. It is not just shooting something in front of the cameras and includes sound, vision, lighting, following the script, etc. Filming may consist of one place in several places or be situated in the studio. It all depends on the project and pre-prepared scenario.


The last process, through which passes the realization of your video project, is the process called postproduction. Flame studio pays particular attention to the stage of post-production and installation that have a huge impact on the lasting impression that your video will leave in the minds of your customers This is the process of editing and assembling video and is one of the most important, because of post facilities process depends entirely on what kind and what quality movie will hit the big screen, on television or the Internet. see_more



Sound processing is the icing on the cake in video production process. For small projects sound is carried in the mounting hardware by adding text, sound effects and music. For larger projects recordings are performed on separate tracks of digital media called “bands”. Sound effects, music and speech recorded, mounted in sync with the picture and combine three separate band, speech, effects, music. These three basic audio tracks are called “mixing”. Mixing three of a track called “master mixing.” There may be further added stages and steps in the video production process. Each production process is different, everything depends on the type of project and especially the expectations of the client.see_more

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