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Post-production is part of film making, video production and photography process. It occurs in the making of motion pictures, television programs, radio programs, advertising, audio recordings, photography, and digital art. It is a term for all stages of production occurring after the actual end of shooting and/or recording the completed work.

Post-production is, in fact, many different processes grouped under one name. These typically include:

Video editing the picture
• Quality improvement
• Compositing
• Objects tracking and replacing
• Writing, (re)recording, and editing the soundtrack.
• Adding visual special effects
Sound design, Sound effects, ADR, Foley and Music, culminating in a process known as sound re-recording or mixing with professional audio equipment.
• Color grading (correction) in a color suite.
For starting the production we need the original video/audio footage, production brief, storyboard.

What is needed to create a really good movie?

Many things – ranging from script writers, directors, cameramen, actors, budget and planning purposes and whatnot. Still things spectator who admire and feel the emotion of the video or movie never suspected. The last process through which passes the realization of your video project is the process called postproduction. Each studio that deals with post-production as Flame studio, paying particular attention to the stage of post-production and installation that have a huge impact on the lasting impression that your video will leave in the minds of your customers

No self-respecting producer and director would is hired to start work if there is no clear idea where he will be “assembled” his product because of the companies involved in post-production, it depends entirely on what kind and what quality movie will hit the big screen, on television or on the web . In Bulgaria Flame studio specialized company offering the highest quality postproduction and this is due to the fact that we work with the best professionals in the industry and have the most modern software for video editing and animation productions.
The success of any video production depends largely on the quality post production, so this process is considered one of the most important in the production of films, videos, commercials, animation, digital compositing and more.


You have an idea and want to realize it, start with storyboards, we will develop the script, go through all the complex stages of shooting video or animation production and fiish with a footage.

Right here begins the magic of post-production. Magic, art or just professionalism. And to call it, know that this process is the most important in the realization of your video projects, be they regular videos that we used to look exciting or innovative 2D and 3D animations.

Flame studio specializes in visual effects at the stage of post-production for the needs of film, television, web and advertising.

The company covers all areas of post-production of animation, modeling, digital compositing, color correction, sound and more.
Post-production is part of the process of filming, video production and photographic production. Part of creating a film material, television and radio programs, commercials, audio recordings, photographs and digital products. Post production is the last stage of a production process that is a consequence of the filming and recording of each production. Post production is a set of operational processes grouped under that name. In most cases, includes the installation, handling and sound design. Often the post-production phase is the longest phase of the making of the film. It is necessary to arrange all pieces of footage with the camera or developing computer animated characters to get something that at least looks like a movie. During almost the entire process director and installer work together to “put together” and “fix” the film, so as to hide the mistakes of the director made the set. Inside the pre production and post production can be implemented animations and visualizations to enhance the desired effect and to give the necessary freshness innovative project. Thanks to the visualization client getting a very early look of the finished product.

During the process, add the sound and visual effects. The director observes post facilities to process, so that the film / video possible to approach the set of customer requirements and follow the story-lines. If the director decides that instead of a desert, the action must be developed in a forest during post facilities to process this problem is solved immediately. The tree crown can pass through all seasons, the new book may become a relic, the young lady can become an old lady wineglass can be filled … and it all look so realistic that the viewer can not he realized that all these processes are created only thanks to advanced technology.


to process one of the most demanding tasks of production is to help convey the message and mood of the music in the best way. Videos, though brief need development like dramatic shows and movies. Flame studio offers full service post-production, which included: • Video installation • Quality improvements
• Compositionally shaping
• Processing and positioning of objects in the overall structure of the material
• Word processing, recording and re recording, editing audio and video
• Add
• audio visual effects design, sound effects, ADR, Foley and music, culminating in a process known as pre-recording or mixing using professional audio equipment
• Color settings

When you start the post-production project, it is necessary to get the original video / audio based brief and storyboard. Nowadays film installation is done using computer programs, and we work with the best of them.
In postproduction includes: installation work on sound, color correction, effects and more.
When we get footage of an external field or studio, each frame is properly described as the inventory includes every episode, frame and good take.

Then installer and director viewed footage and enrich their ideas and notes in order to achieve optimal results in the presentation of history.
The process continues with monazha. If the project is relatively simple, the video is mounted to the final phase (eg filmed a wedding or reports).
However, when the project is more complex (advertisement, music video, comedy, history, corporate video, animation), then assembled the first version of the rough assembly in working copy.

At this stage, the client receives the rough installation to see how it would look the finished product and make changes if necessary. There are several versions of the rough installation – some shots and episodes are removed, others added, add animations, changing the order cut lengths, etc. The next stage is sound.

Depending on the job that we have received in the Flame studio can be used the following tools in the sound, sound design, sound effects, ADR, Foley and music, culminating in a process known as pre-recording or mixing using professional audio equipment .

For small projects sound is carried in the mounting hardware by adding text, sound effects and music. For larger projects recordings are performed on separate tracks of digital media called “bands”.
Sound effects, music and speech recorded, mounted in sync with the picture and combine three separate band, speech, effects, music.

These three basic audio tracks are called “mixing”. Mixing three of a track called “master mixing.” Opening and closing credits, or so-called “titers” are the last stage of the process and post facilities typically include names of people who took part in the work on the production. The inscriptions are subject to negotiation with authors and working team.

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