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Video editing is the process of editing individual frames to create a finished video.
It is fine tuning the video before you “fly” projection. Video editing can be as simple and contain only remove content from raw footage, but it can be a very complex process involving editing the footage, color correction, audio correction, adding text, adding movements story telling, creating powerful graphics is driven.

Flame studio offers a full service package for video editing. Our team specializes in postproduction processes and will make your raw footage tell the story you want.

Services for video editing, we offer include:
• Video installation
• Quality improvements
• Compositionally shaping
• Processing and positioning of objects in the overall structure of the material
• Word processing, recording and re recording, editing audio and video
• Adding visuals
• Audio design, sound effects, ADR, Foley and music, culminating in a process known as pre-recording or mixing using professional audio equipment
• Color settings to piece together the puzzle

If you shot a short film, but do not know how to get into one if you have footage that you do not know how to convert a movie, do not worry. We are on line to offer all the services that you need to assemble and edit your video.
Well edited videos turn into a stunning visual experience in Flame studio doing just that!


Before playing your video broadcasting must make sure that the sound is perfect and matches perfectly with the picture. We can decorate it with background music and audio effects.

For small projects sound is carried in the mounting hardware by adding text, sound effects and music. For larger projects recordings are performed on separate tracks of digital media called “bands”. Sound effects, music and speech recorded, mounted in sync with the picture and combine three separate band, speech, effects, music. These three basic audio tracks are called “mixing”. Mixing three of a track called “master mixing.”

Our goal – your satisfaction when you offer services for video editing we combine our many years of business experience with the most advanced technology and good customer service to turn your images into beautiful video that will be ready to show the world.
Our goal is to edit videos in such a way as to create authentic projects worthy of behalf of our clients.

We won the trust of a wide range of companies, including local and foreign companies, sole traders, big corporations and academic institutions. Our experience Years of experience in the industry means that we know all the tricks and use all the techniques and technology to turn your footage into a film.
Flame studio can give an extra dimension to your videos through its professional services for video editing.

Here are some reasons that may make you trust us

We offer a complete package of services for video editing.
No need to hire specialists for each video editing process.
Our team consists of professionals in the field of video editing.
We know how to understand perfectly the needs of its customers.
We appreciate your ideas. We send you the final product within the specified deadlines.
Unmatched quality.

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