What’s video production ?

What’s video production?

How much is it?

The first and main issue that understandably excites every customer when planning, capture a video spot / tv. advertising, corporate videosor music video.
Unfortunately we can not answer you right now. Each project is has varying complexity and is unrealistic to tell you how much it will cost before you know what you want to be made for you.

Here’s what you need to know about your assignment for video output when you send us an inquiry in order to give the most accurate quote and budget:

Do you have a script / concept – how you want to look video and what happens in it?

We look forward to describe in detail how exactly look your concept video. We will not only comply fully with it, but will offer fresh ideas for better performance. If you do not have scenario, our teams will develop best for you. You don’t have to be experts in videoproduction.

Tell us about your idea and we’ll develop it in the most appropriate way

What message will carry video?

Do you have schedules script that will use. Have you developed the concept of the message? The more details you give us on this subject, the more quickly we can respond to your needs.

How long will the video?

This length does matter. If you are planning a video ad length is usually between 30 seconds and a minute. Corporate videos are about 3 min. Music spots are in length 3-5-7 minutes.

Where will he shoot?

In Flame studio will assist you to choose the best location, but it is important for us to comply with your vision and ideas for video projects. The location, which will be filmed production is essential and largely determined the budget, which must be set aside.

Who will participate in the video?

We work with the best casting agencies and will offer you the best choice of actors and promoters.

Will there be original / stock music and / or voice over?

When planning a video, note that it is necessary to buy the copyright to use the original music in video content. Voices over are recorded separately in audio studio and superimposed in the video post facilities during the process.

How long it will take to make the video?

We will organize the process in the shortest possible time, but you should know that productions include multiple stages, processes and teams working on them and that takes time. It usually depends on the complexity of the project and the processes that need to happen in it, so it is advisable to allocate more time to realize your video production.

When we have clarity on these 5 points or at least some of them, we can predict the complexity of the project, required equipment (FullHD or 4K) and teams for its realization, to form a price and set a deadline.