What’s post production?

Making movies can be conditionally divided into three stages: pre-production, production and post-production

In Bulgaria Flame studio specializes in offering the highest quality postproduction and this is due to the fact that we work with the best professionals in the industry and have the most modern software for video editing and animation productions.

The success of any video production depends largely on the quality postproduction, so this process is considered one of the most important in the production of films, videos, commercials, animation, digital compositing and more.

The process of pre-production and production are complex and lengthy and the requirements very high professionalism, but post facilities process is one that is actually the most important and complex. During the post-production is obtained the complete picture of pre-established scenario, overlapping sound effects and dialogues are telling the story. During production all happening in a predetermined order. Actors, lights, cameras, filming schedule, motion replays, retakes. The process of production is not enough to get a movie clip or any video production.

Post-production is part of the process of filming, video production and photographic production. Part of creating a film material, television and radio programs, commercials, audio recordings, photographs and digital products. Postproduction is the last stage of a production process that is a consequence of the filming and recording of each production.

Post production is a set of operational processes grouped under that name. In most cases, includes the installation, handling and sound design. Often apost-production phase is the longest phase of the making of the film. It is necessary to arrange all pieces of footage with the camera or developing computer animated characters to get something that at least looks like a movie. During almost the entire process director and installer work together to “put together” and “fix” the film, so as to hide the mistakes of the director made the set. Inside the preproduction and post production can be implemented animations and visualizations to enhance the desired effect and to give the necessary freshness innovative project. Thanks to the visualization client getting a very early look of the finished product. During the process, add the sound and visual effects.

The steps of post facilities to process

Choice of format for editing

There are two ways of doing post-production. One of them is the old way or called. Film splicing. Given the rapid and qualitative solutions that offer technology today, this format editing would be suitable for use in very rare occurs. The second way is digital. Everything is done with the help of computers and innovative software solutions that allow footage to be treated appropriately and “collect” the story of footage.

Editor’s choice

Of course, Flame studio works with the best professionals in the field and we will recommend the one that best will largely meet your requirements and desires. What exactly is the editor and what to expect from him? The editor is the one who will read the script and edited the footage in a way that best recreate the story and leave the message that you are looking for the editor gets you ready text and images.

Reads the text first, impartial reader, shows you his weak areas offer processing of certain passages of text that you can take, you can reject; and so the cycle repeats (eventually), while the text acquire a form that satisfies you both. The same happens with staff. He will ask you multiple questions to give him a clear idea of how you want to look outcome and will offer solutions for processing. If you remain contentious issues on some parts of the text or video, the final decision remains the author.

Sound Editor

The picture without sound is impossible nowadays. Long gone are the times of silent cinema, but even if there are sound. Flame studio works with the best professionals in the field of soud directing.


This means automatic change of dialogue or otherwise. Used for all video productions, especially when doing animation or sound dialogues were only doubles.


The so-called. Foley artists create a special cold various sound effects, which aim to give more realistic picture. These may be sounds of steps more expressive laughter, sounds of birds and many others.


No matter what music you want to use in your movie or video, you must own the rights to its use. Regardless of your choice, you should consider that the production process and the budget includes the purchase of rights to use the music content in production. You can choose original music and hire musicians to develop special music for your production.


Sometimes the postproductin process may need to rewrite some scenes, sounds or elements to obtain the best possible result. Mixing and superimposition of the sound is done in order to obtain a deep sound, which would allow for a more realistic picture.

Post-production technologies

It requires a lot of creative work during post facilities to process and every element of it is normally done by a specialized team. Yet without innovative software products that Flame studio works hard to create a quality product. That’s why we work with the latest programs for processing, assembly, quality improvements and various methods of post-production process.