Interactive Internet Banners



Flame studio offers production of Internet advertising banners in various sizes and formats – static and animated.

The standard banner sizes, used as a general size standard are based on general Google requirements for display ads.

Image ads are appearing with pictures. To unify some sizes and make it easier for advertisers Google apply image ads policy, which is currently used by most of the bigger web media sites.

The Internet banner as an advertising format is the best form of promotion in the virtual space

The formats, in which we can produce internet banners, are JPEG, GIF, HTML5, developed according to media requirements, in which the banners will be positioned.

The traditional Internet banners are graphic images in JPEG, GIF format, which include animated effects and a hyperlink. The motion effect is achieved by alternation of visuals.

The banners, which include complicated animation schemes are usualy created with JAVA and Adobe FLASH.

The Flash formats could not achieve full media coverage, in which are published, because the incompitability of flash formats with Apple devices and Chrome browser. To visualize flash animations in Chrome, a special plug-in should be manualy activated, which makes the flash format inconvinient.

For animated Internet banners we recommend GIF и HTML5(JAVA) formats.

The bigger advertising internet platforms have strict technical requirements for a banner integration. This requires coding from a specialist.

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