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An animated cartoon is a film for the cinema, television or computer screen, which is made using sequential drawings. This method is also called traditional animation creation method. This technique is high quality and labor intensive but slow to produce, mostly made drawn by hand. It includes art, creative work and character creation.

For starting the production we need a brief and some production guidance.
During the pre-visualization process, the Client will receive a character creation drafts, storyboard / animatic. The production process is: outline animation with environment, first draft, grading, final animation.
The production time is 15 working days for 30 seconds spot.

If you have an idea how to present your new product or if you want to create a unique animation ad, the Flame Studio experts will help you to transform your vision into a real finished product.


In the modern world of online media, we live in, there is almost no business field that doesn’t use cartoon animation for presenting products, ideas, business opportunities, education, projects, etc. That’s why cartoon animation is a significant part of Flame Studio’s portfolio – it is a film animation, designed for the general public and it can be broadcasted online, on television or screened in cinemas.

What distinguishes hand-drawn or so called traditional animation from the other media products is its uniqueness. For realization of every new project artists and animators create a unique character that would be the most appropriate one to perform the story line or present the product, subject of the project. Traditional animation is drawn by hand by artist or animator, image by image and frame by frame.

There are few methods of creating cartoon animation

• The traditional method that requires drawing many images that follow each other with minimal difference in the motion, in order to recreate movement;
• Latest technologies and software to create a cartoon
The ready images are displayed in rapid sequence, usually 24, 25, 30 or 60 fps. For one minute video of this kind 1440 separate images are needed. The technique of drawing image sequences is of a very high quality, but it takes substantial amount of time, because of the large volume of work, done by hand.

In the process of realizing a cartoon animation project, new characters are created after preset description and detailed storyboard, that defines the key scenes and moments. The number of companies using cartoon animation to advertise their products and services, but also to create a face for itself increases. In the last years many products, released on the global market, are presented by cartoon characters that become the face of the respective company.


Producing an animation is a complex and sometimes a long process, but the finished products, done by Flame Studio animators are really impressive.

The launch of a cartoon animation project begins with your idea, presented to our professionals and some sort of a storyboard. The Flame Studio animators will create completely new character for your project; they will bring your idea to life and will eventually transform it into finished product that perfectly matches your requirements.

What you need to know, when approach us for cartoon animation project is that producing an animation is a complex process that includes many stages – from developing the idea to building models and editing. Every stage may include several specific tasks.

The first and the most important stage when launching the project is to provide us as many details as possible on how you imagine the characters, how the storyline should evolve, what the script should be and what message the animation need to send out.

During the pre-production stage our designers will create the overall view of the desired product, and the artists will tell the story by drawing images, based on the previously approved script. During the production stage the Flame studio digital artists will adjust the colors, the animators and moderators will follow the story and by using the most modern computer and stop-frame methods for creating an animation, they will create the movements and the personality of the new character. During the post-production stage the typesetters will merge the different layers of the animation (background, special effects, characters and graphics), and the editors will produce the final result. During the entire process of creation of cartoon animation, the compliance of all the requirements and ideas of the client are strictly monitored, in accordance with the budget restrictions.


Flame Studio team consists of experienced professionals who are happy to use all known methods for producing cartoon animation. Our young, creative and result oriented animator artists are specialized in combining the traditional cartoon animation with the cutting edge equipment and software to provide world class service. Our team successfully handles all challenges related to satisfaction of Flame Studio clients’ requirements and demands. Our proficient team consists of experts with various competencies, skills and experience who supplement each other:
• Animators;
• Digital artists;
• Moderators;
• Scriptwriters;
• Directors;
• IT professionals with great experience in web development of specific software products, responsible for the implementation of the most modern software in our work

Our team of animation artists is proud of its successful experience in producing of animation projects and cartoons, fully consistent with customers’ requirements and budget.

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