Corporate film for your business

Are you unsure of what kind of corporate video needs your business

Flame team is here to give you the best solutions in the shooting of corporate films. We will help you determine which is the most effective way to run your business goals and which marketing approach and the trick would be most suitable for your needs

Video, Video… creative video

The video is the easiest to digest content – we all know this very well. It does not require a particular concentration and is perceived more easily and effectively by reading and listening. Therefore it is our conquered in so much that now all are “live” and offer a different video content to a variety of information. If you want to “blow” competition to stand out above the rest, the corporate video is the best way to do this.

Video not only for entertainment

Beyond the pure entertainment of the video, it can be integrated with outstanding success in various aspects of business. To create a corporate film for your company is one of the best decisions that you can take in the dynamic marketing world. Flame studio specializes in offering a complete package of services for the production of corporate films.

As they say – leave the work to the professionals!

Let us help you creating your corporate video!

Corporate film content?

It depends mostly on the goals that you set. You can be very creative and to present the company in a fun and unique way. However it should not ignore the seriousness expected of this type of film – it will be presented to your potential customers and business partners.

Corporate films can be:

– a film about the performance of the company and its leadership;
– Congratulated the key figures in the team;
– Video tour of the office, hotel, restaurant or other establishment;
– Announcement of a presentation, seminar and other special events;
– A film about the manufacturing part of the company;
– A film about the innovation department of the company, etc.

Who will participate in the corporate film??

It is best protagonists in the corporate film are C-level as well as your happy customers who will share their opinion about your work you. In exceptional cases can be rented and actors, but think they know are the best choice to represent your company? However, this will be a film about you and your company, it seeks to attract new clients and business partners. It would not be appropriate to select actors for the role. Even their acting is incredible, you are the ones who stand with your face to its customers and it is right to challenge them more confidence in presenting the business.

Where to show the corporate movie?

Impressive presence of corporate film at the first page of your corporate website. It can “weave” in the design of the site and changed periodically or “randome” principle – at each entry to alternate several videos. Besides the homepage corporate film can be put elsewhere in the site. It is appropriate to create a comprehensive video archive where to fit and corporate films.

How to use the corporate move for a promotion?

Just allow it “traveled” as you put it outside the corporate site. Share it on social networks, put it in video sharing sites, and why not in the professional search sites of business partners. Links to corporate movie you can send to their key customers, partners and potential customers. The more places you distribute, the greater is the potential more and different people to view.

What is the traditional length of the corporate video?

No specific limits and restrictions on the length of the corporate film. However, our experience and research have shown that the optimal length of the corporate film was about 3 minutes. They are enough to tell about your business, without boring your audience. If you think three minutes is not enough, you can make a longer corporate movie or just divide it into several parts.

What budget should I allocate for a corporate video?

There is no exact answer to this question. Film and film do not look alike, each is unique, different and requires a different number of teams and equipment. Do not be afraid, do not need to spend outrageously large budget for this purpose. Contact Flame studio and we will create your corporate film entirely consistent with your budget.
Corporate film = long term clients

Most importantly, corporate film is to present you, your business and the message properly

It can tell a story, to provoke emotion, create confidence among your potential customers. If taken seriously, with taste and imagination to make the corporate movie, it will have the power to winnow the competition and turn your brand into the market leader.