Cartoon maker

What is cartoon maker?

The cartoon makers are those wonderful people who create wonderful animations, which we enjoy daily. The profession is not very popular in our country and requires specific knowledge and skills, but generally speaking cartoon maker produces multiple images called frames, which when sequenced together create the illusion of movement known as animation. Images can be composed of digital or hand-drawn pictures, models or dolls. The cartoon makers also created computer-generated animation functions built into feature films (for creating special effects or animation film itself). They work in television, online video industry as well as in the gaming industry. It requires special skill and many hours at the computer to become a professional in this field. If you have artistic abilities will be of very great benefit in this profession, but you must be very well-educated technical in terms of the variety of software products that are used in this industry.

To be a cartoon maker

It is not easy. Cartoon maker profession is very demanding and specific. The cartoon makers are the people who create new characters and characters that create new virtual worlds, creative promotional videos, corporate videos and what not productions. The responsibilities of the cartoon maker not only include drawing images on whiteboard or computer. They must also be generators of ideas, to be able to build models to maintain contact with customers to simulate their ideas in the most exciting way to be able to display the script and story to work with a great team and much more various skills. Computer cartoon maker knows with masterly precision using various software products that create exceptional animations for projects on which work. Imagine a picture painted on a piece of paper, which then begins to move, attributed his image, character, begins to speak, to perform various actions created the environment around him included are other characters that communicate says is history. This makes the cartoon maker – the design of the image through a plurality of processes and detailed shaping, to give finished history.

What the cartoon maker is executing in the working process?

• liaising with clients and development of animation in their concept;
• Creating a storyboard, which includes a depiction of the script scene by scene and storytelling;
• preparation of sketches and illustrations;
• Design models, backgrounds, characters, objects and environments;
• development time and rhythm of movement of objects in the animation, while ensuring compliance with the concept and audio recording
• using a variety of specialized software to create animation, design movements and illustrate the emotions,
• Construction of accurate graphics which moves the animation frame by frame;
• adaptation of dialogues and work with editors and composers in the creation of the soundtrack of the animated video;
• closely monitor compliance with the requirements of the client;
• working with very large team

Where the cartoon makers work?

Cartoon maker profession requires work to be done in an office or studio for animation and this is because as you saw above, the cartoon makers are working with a very large team of people. However, a significant part of the cartoon makers working freelance from home or from their own studios, equipped with necessary equipment. They create their own animated productions which later sold to their clients work to customer projects and provide the necessary assistance in production of animated videos.

What education should possess to be a cartoon maker?

The animation is a highly competitive industry and although this area is open to all, must have specific knowledge and skills that you can acquire the following fields:
• animation;
• Art and Design;
• Fine Arts
• Computer Engineering;
• film and video;
• graphic design / illustration;
• modeling and sculpting;
• Production and post-production processes
• multimedia;
• spatial design;
• 3D design
• 2D design

Any additional courses to learn new knowledge, techniques and tools for making animation will be useful and the more you know and the more sought after and highly paid entertainers will be. To start working as an cartoon maker without education and qualification is unusual, but not impossible. Exceptions can be made for many talented applicants or those who started work in the company to create animations are very well familiar with the processes and gradually mastered the necessary knowledge and skills to start work as cartoon makers.

The experience is most important

Occupation cartoon maker is a complex profession that requires a lot of knowledge, experience and work to prove. If you want to develop in this area you should consider the fierce competition. The most effective way when looking for work in the field of animation is to create your portfolio, with which to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in creating animation to future employers. You will also need to prove their creativity and willingness to work in sync with a large team of diverse professionals. If you think when you can create animated videos with free software products are suitable to start working as a specialist in animation, we have to disappoint you. We need to go the extra mile many more, be creative, positive, inspired, open to new ideas and technologies.

Flame studio is proud of its team of professional cartoon makers. With their help our customers realize the unique animated productions that have enjoyed wide popularity in the media.