Business Video for advertising

We at Flame studio are aware that the promotion of a business or brand is as important as the very brand itself

Business Video advertising is one of the best and most reliable methods to build your brand and has a much greater range than the usual television or text advertising methods. Videos to advertise your business or brand lets you provide better visibility with a larger audience. Business Video advertising is an attractive, easily share, memorable, powerful and cost-effective way to advertise your business. This is not just advertising clip, this is a business advertisement, which aims both to provide some of your products or services, but also cause the audience to ask to contact you to buy that product or service or to become your business partner.

Advertise your business with video

Video communication with customers is far more efficient than conventional paper business cards, brochures, advertisements in newspapers and magazine whose fate usually comes down to accumulating on a desk until it reaches the bin. It makes no sense to spend much of your marketing budget for this type of advertising. In Flame studio we will create for you such products that will help you easily enter your business or brand in the corporate world, where it impresses with originality, professionalism and creativity.
Our team is ready to give the best to create the most original business promotional videos while will capture and show your identity, we will present your message in the most memorable way of the world and will prepare an advertisement for your business.

Effective video tips

Develop a script

It is best to turn to professionals to develop a script for your video advertising. However, take the time to get the desired scenario and presented to the team of professionals as clear message that you want to leave. They will ask you many questions that you may do even stupid. Remember, every detail is important and workmanship script aims to identify the main trends in the production of advertising video.

How long will be the video?

In the development of scenarios determine the length of the video. The most effective and easy to distribute are 30-second clips. Depending on the area of your business you can make videos of varying length. There is no specific length and do not have to stick to certain stereotypes. It is not recommended that video advertising business to exceed three minutes, because there is a very high probability audience gets bored and do not view the video to end. If you want to create a long and valuable video content, divide it into thematic videos.

The first 8 seconds of the video are the most important

Studies show that the first eight seconds are the most important for the capture to the attention of viewers in advertising spots and tenth to second viewer can decide to purchase. So you should try these 8 seconds to be really impressive.

Think about the targeted audience

The audience is the only reason to do business promotional video, so it is very important to carefully define the target audience, including their problems and aspirations. In brand video it is advisable to list several key advantages of the company, such as how the company can solve some problems of its customers (improving the lifestyle benefits that can be obtained, etc.) Each element in the video must rests to the benefits that will be received, not just the characteristics of a product or service.

Have in mind the broadcasting distribution of the video!

Plan where and how you will distribute your video advertising. You can upload it to social networking sites for video sharing, send an email with a link to it on its present and future customers to upload it to the site, use it in presentations to display exhibitions. The possibilities are endless, but must be tailored to your audience.

Learn about the competition

In Flame studio we have done it long ago and continue to do so. This allows us to offer our clients unique video content and original presentation of the various businesses. We recommend that you offer your potential customers content that has some value to them. Show them something they do not know about your company and what would have been interesting Prove them that they need you to be more successful. Do it unobtrusively, interesting and fun – make them laugh, make them feel special, viewers will almost certainly become your new customers.

Be friendly

Nobody likes serious and frowning people. When considering the creation of your business promotional video, think about emotion and mood, which will result in him. Ask people to think they are friends and are always ready to solve a problem. Here’s a bonus publicity stunt of us – offer something for free – whether for a free consultation or a gift to your service, it will cause a lot more interest and bring to you a lot more potential customers.

Happy clients

They are the best way to build a solid background – a far better way than any advertising. Make your happy customers to share your video, allow them to share their experience of using your products or services. This will not only advertise your business, and eventually will add a lot of money in your bank account.

Use close perspective

Close-ups are more influential and persuasive. Furthermore, perceived much better than those who watch video on smart phones and small devices.