Animation for advertising

Advertising is a marketing tool that attracts attention to a particular product or service

Through a variety of methods, and its purpose is usually to increase sales and profits. The animation used in advertising has the purpose to give a sense of reality and to give life to the characters, products or services. It also helps to explain the product or service much easier, effective and memorable and so to reach the desired effect in increasing sales. One of the main advantages of using animation in advertising is the ability of animators to create environments and worlds that are impossible to capture with a regular camera. Animated commercials feature originality and great success because they are easy to remember and usually attract impulsive desire to purchase the advertised product.

Animation as a marketing tool

Today, viewers and users of the online world are literally buried under all sorts of commercials that try to attract their attention to a product or service. But what stands out successful advertising productions of banal video ads? Of course, the answer is animation. Animated images always attract attention much more easy and pleasant is to understand and remember their content easily. Animated commercials in modern advertising are able to stay for long in the memory of the viewer. Modern technologies allow to create interesting effects and paintings that improve the perception of video and transmit the information dynamically and creatively. If you want to increase the number of users, the most adequate and quick way to achieve it is to create an animated promotional video. Of course, it must be aligned with your business, but our experience shows that there is hardly any business where not applicable.

Be ahead the competition

Move over competitors, avoiding stereotypes, sell more, be on top! This can be achieved very easily with the order of professionally made animated promotional video of the Flame studio. Not surprisingly, professionalism is extremely important when choosing a company that has been charted your animation. Professional equals convincing quality and of course – effective and memorable.

The incredible opportunities of the advertising animations

As the world moves forward through technology vigor focused on society it for a business or manufacturing company is unthinkable not to be up to date and new technologies. The ad also changes relatively quickly and every day we witness more and more innovative and original advertising campaigns. To the delight of all advertisers no longer have to spend unimaginable resources for the production of promotional and informational videos. Now with a little imagination and appropriate software, you can formulate its own individual brand or product and create an entire ad campaign with him. One of the most attractive advantages of animated characters is that once created, they can be used forever as the main character and person of your ad.

When you think, you will surely find the vast world of possibilities that offers animation in advertising clips.

Flame studio offers its customers a complete package of services for the development of animated promotional videos that can be promotional video animation, 2d animation, 3d animation, and the inclusion of animated objects and characters in the classic video advertising. Opportunities which offers animated video advertising is really amazing. You can say whatever you want, as you want, when thanks to that sweet little thing created and lent his human nature. Well, you convinced yet of the benefits?

If you need another opinion, see 6 reasons to use animation in your advertising

Saves money

Contrary to popular belief, actually goes much cheaper to create animated advertisement than it would cost to create video advertisement. Naturally, you want in your ad to appear a person who is easily recognizable and can be associated with the product. Hire celebrity will cost a lot of money, but if you are planning this celebrity to be the face of your products for a long period of time, prepare even more money. Think what cost should take about casting actors to pay the entire team of operators, editors, actors, writers … the list is long. The easiest and most effective option if you have a limited budget to create their own unique character to become a person of your products. Furthermore, once created, your character can be used repeatedly without having to pay his/her fee.

Saves time

Although shooting clip with real actors will only take a few days, this is just the beginning. Post-production process is time consuming and requires a large team of professionals to complete the product. The team of Flame studio will create for you your new advertising face, will breathe life in the character and will create entire advertising animated clip and all this within a reasonable time and within your budget.

Let’s you dream

Animated advertisement has no restrictions. Whatever vision you select, the new character, will become live. That’s the beauty of creative tools that we have today.
Characters creation

The character you create in the animated advertisement will be the ambassador of your brand, it will tell about you and your products associated with the brand. Furthermore, your new hero will be available whenever you need it.

New worlds for your characters

You do not know what environment to choose for your advertising character? Post him in his own world. Flame Studio can make your advertising faces to go around the world. Anything is possible with technology at our disposal.

The new advertising face is immortal

Yes exactly! Many companies rely on celebrities to promote their brand. Very often, however, these celebrities lose their shine, grow old or get involved in scandalous stories that degrade image and career.
Well, this cannot happen with the animated character , unless you ask. You create it once, you control everything, develop it, giving it new roles, you can even get to grow old.

This article is not intended to convince you that animation is the tip of the iceberg and are required to target it. This is only part of the portfolio that will offer you connect with Flame studio to discuss your project.