3D animation

The animation is inherently surreal art, existing more than a century. 3D animation captures the film industry with unprecedented speed for nearly 20 years. Behind the technology of creating 3D animation stands a huge team of professionals telescope talent and knowledge of creating unreal – real.

What is 3D animation?

3D animation creates unreal objects and characters in nonexistent spaces. Everything we see in 3D video created by the animators is impressive. The images are manipulated by computer software and appear to move in a world with depth, texture, color and sound. In many ways computer animation resembles the illusion of movement from frame to frame created by traditional animation, painted by hand. But today’s software for creating 3D animation allow animators to move figures and objects in realistic 3D space without drawing sketches for each frame. Before the animation to be created, it must create an initial design of each object and character as a 3D model. These models are often created initially by sketch and painted by conceptual artist. Beyond 3D designers create 3D versions of this concept. Most software to create animations based on vector graphics, which make up the spatial movement of each character – usually on the basis of human movements.
The perfect combination

3D animation can be implemented in the conceptual video and create impossible to create real-world effects, patterns and movements.

3D advertisements

Three-dimensional animation in the production of promotional products lie on the basic rules of classical animation. However, the result in the final vision is radically different. 3D technology – this is an important step towards the creation of realism.

Perceived objects are created in real size, creates a sense of intimacy and participation in events occurring. The effect of three-dimensionality is indispensable if you want in a few seconds to impress and challenge the viewer’s attention, showcase an innovative way by 3D cartoons its products, creativity and modernity of its customers.

Promotional videos designed with 3D animation look expensive and attractive marketing tool that is still difficult to impose on the Bulgaria market, but the impact on consumers is much more effective than ordinary video.
3D animation is becoming an important tool for branding, exclusive marketing results and attachment of consumers to the brand. Using 3D animation shows a realistic image of the product to give different effects created memorable visual image and embodies what is possible to shoot with a normal camera.

3D advertisements coverage

• Television;
• Web sites
• Email marketing;
• Presentations;
• Cinemas, shops.

Production of 3D-animation

The creation of 3D-animation is a complex process that requires the participation of specialists in different fields of computer graphics. If you decide to make a 3-D animation, refer to specialists in Flame studio. We are ready to discuss your project and look forward to cooperation, which will offer you the highest quality of the final product.
Flame studio will help you create the desired character of his new character will fill it with life and solve all tasks in the shortest possible time, fully respecting your requirements and budget.

3D animation in business

We live in an era of dynamism that requires prompt decisions and the use of high technology. This should be taken into account in the development of marketing strategies in the business. The innovative technology of 3D animation has penetrated into various spheres of public life. 3D animation, we can see not only in cinema but also in all kinds of posters, advertisements, web, presentations of businesses and everything you can think of. The concept of 3D animation is familiar to users and easily understandable to all people, making it an important tool in innovative solutions for business performance.

Coverage of 3D animation

Can be used for everything. Literally! 3D animation is widely popular in the creation of hotel and architectural sites. Also often used in presentations, in advertising campaigns in the imposition of new brands and products. In fact, the use of new computer technology is largely a guarantee of success and the use of visual effects in advertising guaranteed increase in sales. 3D animation has long occupied a place in the film industry, television and traditional animation (children’s cartoons), allowing access to all kinds of special effects.

In addition, the technology is extremely popular and the web. Introducing the smallest animation on your website can be much attractive and interesting for visitors.

Therefore 3D animation is frequently used for Web sites of hotels and restaurants, as typically developing so-called. virtual tours. This enables customers to gain an overall impression of the interior and exterior of the place and hence easier to decide on the purchase of services.

As for today’s business, it is difficult to imagine a progressive company that does not use 3D animation to create presentations or to encourage users to use certain services or to buy products of the company.

Benefits of using 3d animated advertisement

The three-dimensional animation is the most advanced, sophisticated, innovative, yet widespread technology. It guarantees spectacular presentation of the brand, company, products or services.
Flame studio specializes in the development of 3D animation and will offer a wide range of services to create animations for different purposes. The main advantages of this technology is that it only allows you to get the most complete picture of an object. 3D animation shows objects from every possible angle within the created virtual environment, which creates a sense of reality. Typically, 3D technology uses audio recordings and various sound effects with which leaves a very strong impression and allows to control the audience’s attention. Using three-dimensional visual effects can positively affect corporate identity and improve business efficiency.