3D animation studio

Flame studio specializes in the development of 3D animation and will offer a wide range of services to create animations for various purposes, and a complete package of services to create your 3D animation. If you are looking for a studio to create 3D animation, you’ve come to the right place. Flame studio is a preferred partner.

Experienced team in 3D animation

All of our employees and partners are specialized in the creation of 3D animation and have great experience in design, advertising and animation. This enables us to guarantee that your 2D or 3D animated project will be produced exactly according to your requirements, except it will be fun and will sell more of your products or services. Our studio for 3D animation PRODUCTION is committed to high-quality 3D animations, padded with a lot of creativity, originality and certainly very different from what other animation studios can offer. Flame studio is a trusted partner of the advertising industry in Bulgaria and abroad for years, and this is due to our creative team is constantly proving their skills in creating 3D animation, video production and visual effects.

Short time production for 3D animation

Flame studio has the latest software to create 3D animation, and this allows us to offer much shorter periods of performance compared with our competitors. Rapid and professional service is part of what we are. 3D animation studio we have the greatest opportunities for the production of 3D animation on the Bulgarian market. The proof can be found in our portfolio.

Up to the 3D animation broadcasting

Our experienced animators possess the knowledge, passion, skills and experience to create your 3D animated project from concept to actual broadcast advertising channels. Our advantage is that we can offer closed-loop production in our studio for 3D animation – from the presentation of your idea to the finished end product.

Always reliable

We are always available to serve adequately and on time all your needs in your creative projects. We will not stop working until late in the evening or on weekends to complete your 3D video in time. Look for our contacts page to contact us.

Best quality in 3D animation

We guarantee! Our studio for 3D animation is continually produces some of the most impressive and distinguished by high quality 3D animations in the industry. Great pride of Flame studio are our satisfied customers who return again and again. What greater proof of quality work done by satisfied customers who recommend us and trust us. All this gives us the confidence to create and offer a wide range of artistic solutions to design innovative visual effects that create personalized 3D vision for your needs. 3D projects we create can be used for your various purposes and give you the highest return on your investments.

Individual attention in 3D animation production

Each project in Flame studio receives individual attention. Our animators, experts in their field, are fully engaged and working to complete your 3D project. Any reference to our clients has a project manager, which monitors strictly the project to comply with all requirements and can inform you at any time for the progress of your project.

Expertise in 3D animation

To offer the icing on the cake, in the production of animations, our 3D animators do not work alone. Our studio for 3D animation work with the best experts in the field of animation, Producing, illustrations, sound designing, marketing, editing and assembly. Only in this way can we ensure the full success of your project and offer you a variety of related services, which distinguishes us from our competitors. We transform your dreams into reality and consult proven experts to create the best finished productions.

The security and integrity of the projects we create for you are of paramount importance to us. Infrastructure security is guaranteed by secure servers that do not allow to be lost even MB of information. You can be sure that your productions are fully protected from data loss. Moreover we sign a contract with any confidential trust our clients, and this guarantees that the productions we create for you will not be disclosed or used for other purposes.

Attention to detail

studio Flame informs you of each completed cycle of processes in pre-production, production and post production. In addition we pay special attention to details, you will have constant access to your project, you can enter corrections if desired. We do not stop working until client approves the project and did not personally make sure that every detail is neat.

100% customer satisfaction

We are so confident that you will like our work and accompanying services that we offer guarantee 100% satisfaction for personalized 3D animation that our teams will create for you. No other studio for 3D animation will offer you such professionalism , creativity, knowledge, skills and positive attitude. Trust us!